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Video DJs On Demand

Unique Featureset

We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards

Powered By The Cloud

With the advent of live-streaming technology & on-demand services, there is little need for local storage of any media on any device. VDEO leverages the power of the cloud and our own custom video distribution system to have our entire content library right at your fingertips.

9+ Mix-Styles

Looking for the perfect mix to set the atmosphere for your venue? VDEO offers a wide-variety of selectable mix genres and styles for any crowd or occassion. All content is thouroughly categorized for ease of search, including rich descriptions of the content played within each mix. Learn More

Managed by Experienced DJs

VDEO is developed and managed by DJs with over 50 years of expereince in content selection and programming. All of our mixes contain exactly what you expect with no surprises. Want all clean content, you got it! Want speicalty mixes, request it and you’ll get it. Learn More

Simple Interface

We have made it easy for you to find the mixes that fit your needs fast and efficiently. Our app has been engineered from the ground up to be as streamlined as possible. VDEO is the only app that is as simple as set it and forget it.

More Than Just Videos

VDEO has been designed with the sole purpose of bringing content to the masses. It has been built on a fully customizable framework which will allow for the additon of custom graphics, promos, and other material in the near future. Learn More

Fully On-Demand

Our simple pricing structure offers you full access to our extensive content library. Browse all available mixes and select the ones that fit your needs best. All backlog content is availble to subscribers, with new content being added weekly.

What Is VDEO

VDEO™ DJS On Demand a multimedia group specializing in music video programing for the hospitality and service industry abroad. Leading media specialists from around the globe create fun and exciting ways to connect with your customers. We hand select media specialists who fit your goals. Utilizing cutting edge media techniques targeted to create the exact experiences you wish to achieve. With over 30 years of experience in the entertainment, hospitality, and service industry, what are you waiting for? Contact us now for more information and let us show you our proven ability to serve up the hottest media trends, entertainment, and targeted marketing tools NOW! VISUAL iCANDY LLC - Media & Entertainment Group, the next big thing in multimedia marketing.

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Built On Trusted Hardware

VDEO™ offers a unique way to manage the playback of content within your venue. Controlled directly via apple tv, the system easily integrates with existing venue A/V systems. Simply plug the device in as if it were a cable box and you are set to go. The app includes a dedicated customized feature set focused on making it fully plug-and-play.

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Learn More About The VDEO™ Experience

  • Updated Weekly

    Our content production team is consistently creating new content, every week the latest mixes are delivered right in the app.

  • Custom Playlists

    Easily tailor the playback experience to your venue by adding any mix to your own custom looping playlist.

  • Multi-Genre

    Run by experienced DJs, the VDEO team is constantly on the latest music trends.

  • Simple Setup

    Once subscribed, simply enter in a single use code and your VDEO service will be up and running.

  • Secure

    All of our content and authroization services are served over high level SSL security, making it easy to prevent downtime.

  • Highly Available

    VDEO has been designed from the ground up to never stop running. Our team has implemented multiple failsafes to make sure the party never stops.

  • Simple Billing

    Sign-up once and you are done, our simple billing structure allows you to get the most out of VDEO with worrying about breaking the bank.

  • Superior Quality

    All of our audio and video is mastered by our experienced engineers to sound and look great in any venue.

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